Communal dancefloor energy from the world's
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Friday Forest Stage
Zouzibabe will play Paradies Garten Festival on Friday at the Forest Stage together with: Carlos Valdes & Rumi von Baires, Flo Real, HOLY LOLLY & ISAbella & OK Williams

Hailing from Brussels, Zouzibabe has emerged as a prominent figure in the city's thriving music scene. By day, she serves as the programmer for Paradise City, and by night, she seamlessly transforms into a dynamic DJ, infusing the dancefloor with infectious and uplifting energy. Zouzibabe's sets navigate through vibrant house and break tunes, adorned with proud R&B influences and a pop sensibility, exuding warmth and funk. A fixture in Belgian venues like C12, Fuse, La Cabane, and Ampere, her influence extends throughout the country's nightlife. Zouzibabe also hosts a monthly residency on Kiosk Radio and showcases her talent on platforms like Refuge Worldwide, Hör, Rinse France, and Operator Radio. Beyond her musical pursuits, she spearheads the feminist collective 'Rebel,' which fosters a safer and more inclusive environment within the club scene.