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Saturday Forest Stage
Wolfram will play Paradies Garten Festival on Saturday at the Forest Stage together with: DJ Gigola, MRD, Pau, Usertaube & Young Marco

Wolfram is invited to the Forest Stage by Live From Earth.

Wolfram, previously known as marfloW and Diskokaine, made his mark on the music scene while residing in New York in the early 2000s, where he embarked on his musical journey by reviving the forgotten sounds of Italo Disco and Chicago House. During this period, he crossed paths and collaborated with notable artists such as PRINCESS SUPERSTAR & LEGOWELT. One of his significant achievements during this time was the release of the debut album by SALLY SHAPIRO titled "Disco Romance," which received acclaim and was voted as the best new record on Pitchfork Media. This album played a pivotal role in introducing a neo-italo sound to a wider audience, further solidifying Wolfram's influence in the electronic music scene.