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Friday Electronic Beats
Partiboi69 will play Paradies Garten Festival on Friday at the Electronic Beats together with: Ben Klock

Partiboi69 is invited to the Electronic Beats Castle Stage by Grelle Forelle.

Partiboi69 is more than just a DJ; he's a spiritual leader, icon, and prophet in the eyes of many. His mission? To spread digital love and deliver electrifying 69 techniques directly to your senses. As the CEO of Mutual Pleasure Records and Stingboi Productions, Partiboi69 blends cutting-edge computer graphics with Electro Dank, Ghetto Freak, and K-Tech sounds, creating a portal into his complex mind. His tracks like "Freaky Dreamz," "Magnificent," and "Freaking You Out," along with his visually stunning live mix broadcasts, exemplify his commitment to mutual enjoyment and boundary-pushing creativity.