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Friday Rosengarten
horsegiirL will play Paradies Garten Festival on Friday at the Rosengarten together with: DJ Lelo, DJ Shady MF, Dream DJ Team, P. Vanillaboy & Penglord & Serafin

horsegiirL is invited to the Rosengarten by Tattu Tatta Glub.

Stella, also known as horsegiirL, brings a unique blend of sensitivity and empathy to her music, singing about heartbreak and the joys of life with an authenticity that resonates deeply. Discovered singing in the stables by legendary Song-Stallion Whitney Horseton, Stella's rise to fame has been swift. Despite her growing success, she remains grounded, cherishing her roots at Sunshine Farms. When she's not captivating audiences with her music, Stella enjoys spending time in the stables and indulging in her favorite treats like apples and sugars. Join her on a journey where the deep emotions of existence meet the everlasting strive for happiness.