Communal dancefloor energy from the world's
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EloTrance & DJ Schnelltest

Sunday Forest Stage
EloTrance & DJ Schnelltest will play Paradies Garten Festival on Sunday at the Forest Stage together with: aimé & flauxpas, Costaphilly & Countershine & DJ Stingray 313 & DJ MELL G

DJ Schnelltest and EloTrance hail from Nuremberg's vibrant music scene, each making their mark in unique ways. As a resident at Straat264, DJ Schnelltest's dynamic sets traverse house, breaks, groove, and techno, while his presence with the Nightwatch Kollektiv at Mahagoni Festival is legendary for smoke-filled booths. EloTrance, also a Straat264 resident and co-founder of Spice Club, empowers FLINTA* individuals in electronic music. Her performances at Mahagoni and venues like PRST Club Vienna fuse groovy techno with trance elements, inviting audiences on a captivating journey. Together, they represent the diverse and dynamic energy of Nuremberg's music scene.