Communal dancefloor energy from the world's
best artists at a sustainable music festival.


Saturday Electronic Beats
DJ BORING will play Paradies Garten Festival on Saturday at the Electronic Beats together with: ATRIP, HAAi, NIKS, salute & SIDEQUEST

Watching DJ BORING perform is anything but mundane; Tristan Hallis injects vibrancy, energy, and passion into every set. Rapidly ascending in recent years, his impeccable selection and high-quality productions have garnered acclaim. A proud digger, he seamlessly blends lesser-known gems with contemporary cuts, showcasing his diverse style. From his breakthrough track 'Winona' in 2016 to appearances on BBC Radio 1 and Boiler Room, DJ BORING captivates with his dynamism. In the studio, he crafts a contemporary sound rooted in dance music's origins, imbued with his energetic personality. His live shows, featuring hardware and controllers, offer a fresh take on his music, epitomizing the positive energy and unifying spirit of club culture. With plans for an album project on the horizon, DJ BORING's remarkable career is just beginning its next phase