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Costaphilly & Countershine

Sunday Forest Stage
Costaphilly & Countershine will play Paradies Garten Festival on Sunday at the Forest Stage together with: aimé & flauxpas, DJ Stingray 313 & DJ MELL G & EloTrance & DJ Schnelltest

Costaphilly, co-founder and resident of the Viennese collective Fako5, is renowned for delivering bouncy break-infused progressive digs that always hit the mark. With performances at iconic venues like Humboldthain, FLEX, and Prst under his belt, he's known for being up to no good. Legend has it that he once described his playstyle as "kp so ballert halt." Embracing his deep love for powerful proggy house, Countershine also embodies the early 2000s sound, serving up the best OG progressive, psy, or goa trance. While he recently transitioned from vinyl to digital DJing, his confident and unique mixing style immediately shines through.