Communal dancefloor energy from the world's
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Carlos Valdes & Rumi von Baires

Friday Forest Stage
Carlos Valdes & Rumi von Baires will play Paradies Garten Festival on Friday at the Forest Stage together with: Flo Real, HOLY LOLLY, ISAbella & OK Williams & Zouzibabe

Rumi, hailing from Buenos Aires with Capeverdean roots, has a soulful connection to music shaped by his diverse upbringing. Since acquiring his first DJ gear in 2005, his journey led him to Vienna, where he co-founded "A party called Jack," celebrating house music's roots. In 2021, he co-launched the GAZE series, spotlighting LGBTQI+ talent in electronic music. Now fully immersed in DJing and production, Rumi blends house, disco, breaks, and techno with jazz, soulful vocals, and Afro-latin rhythms. Meanwhile, Carlos Valdes, a key figure in Amsterdam's nightlife, has spent over two decades shaping the city's electronic music scene and LGBTQ+ community. With his profound love for music and extensive vinyl collection, Carlos mesmerizes audiences worldwide with his captivating sets that span from Panorama Bar to Glastonbury.