Communal dancefloor energy from the world's
best artists at a sustainable music festival.
Pre-set tents

Don’t stress. Just arrive on site and find your tent already set up for you. Choose between packages, with or without inflated air mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows.


Please note that festival and camping tickets are not included in the price of the pre-set tents and must be purchased separately. Each camping option is valid for the entire festival weekend.

24h vending machine
Breakfast buffet included
Coffee cart
Free fresh water
Quality showers & toilets
Yoga & workshops
Portable chargers for rent
About Festitent


Our friends from Tent Inn provide an easy way to camp at a festival campsite. When you book a Classic or Fresh & Dark tent, you won’t have to deal with the typical transport hassle. You won’t have to drag your tent with you and you don’t have to struggle putting your tent up. Just take your essentials and enjoy the festival immediately. It’s as easy as it gets!


The tents from Tent Inn are used across different events for minimum four festival seasons, meaning these are not disposable products. We want to minimize waste and reinforce the sustainability of our festival scene. After you have checked out, Tent Inn takes care of the dismantling and cleaning process and makes sure no garbage is left behind.