Communal dancefloor energy from the world's
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Saturday Electronic Beats
ATRIP will play Paradies Garten Festival on Saturday at the Electronic Beats together with: DJ BORING, HAAi, NIKS, salute & SIDEQUEST

ATRIP, a 24-year-old German-Polish DJ and producer based in South London, crafts emotive electronic music rooted in the city's diverse club culture. Raised in London, he's deeply entrenched in its vibrant music scene, drawing inspiration from genres like garage, jungle, bassline, and dubstep. His debut mixtape, "TANZPARTEI," released in May 2023, showcases his evolution since the launch of the ATRIP project in early '22. With support from notable artists like Disclosure, salute, and DJ Seinfeld, ATRIP is poised for an exciting journey in the music world.