Communal dancefloor energy from the world's
best artists at a sustainable music festival.

Apua, Stipo & Sumi

Saturday Rosengarten
Apua, Stipo & Sumi will play Paradies Garten Festival on Saturday at the Rosengarten together with: Alice, Katia Curie & Nizar Sarakbi, Roderick Merkx & Reinhard Zach, S.A.M., Sugar Free & Fonte & Sweely

Apua, Stipo & Sumi are on a constant mission to bridge the gaps in space-time, embodying the very essence of house music. As passionate DJs and record collectors from a young age, they've consistently been ahead of their time, uncovering hidden treasures of unparalleled quality and rarity through their exploration of Discogs. With an innate talent for curating timeless sounds, they beckon you to join them on a journey through the depths of house music, where every beat and melody resonates with boundless energy and innovation. Don't forget to bring your towel—it's sure to be a scorching night on the dance floor with Apua, Stipo & Sumi leading the way.